About us

Trainor Taekwondo schools specialise in the teaching of effective self-defence and Olympic Sport Taekwondo competition skills in a responsible, safe class environment. Classes promote respect for personal health and wellbeing and foster an attitude of personal growth and development.

Teaching Philosophy of Trainor Taekwondo Academy

Principal Instructors, Russell and Janine Trainor have combined their passion and expertise in Taekwondo with their professional training as school teachers to develop a range of programs to suit all ages and levels of ability. Russell and Janine have developed a unique teaching philosophy within the martial arts that promotes traditional values of discipline and personal achievement in a class environment that nurtures the achievement of each individual student. The intrinsic value of Trainors Taekwondo programs goes well beyond instruction in the martial arts.

The ten step program to Black belt becomes a personal development experience where students develop a lifelong interest in personal health and fitness, a ‘can-do ‘ attitude toward achieving personal sporting or career goals and an enhanced sense of personal safety and confidence.

Janine and Russell oversee all programs and each class has at least two coaches. All coaching staff are people of the highest moral standards first and foremost. Trainor Taekwondo prides itself on being the most professional and successful martial arts school in central and western regional Victoria.

Trainor Taekwondo schools welcome new members seeking to gain professional martial arts instruction by a student focus school.

Coach Profile

Master Instructor

Russell Trainor .B.A. ,Dip.Ed. 6th Dan Black Belt.(Kukkiwon No 5079309)

Coaching Experience

  • Victorian Coach Education Director. 2005 to date
  • Coached over 150 students to Victorian Championship medals ( 1983 - to date)
  • Coached numerous national medalists , 1983 to date
  • Coached international medalists to
    1. 2nd World Taekwondo Youth Games, 1998 , Bronze
    2. Choson Cup, Melb, 1999, Gold
    3. Korean Open, 2003- Silver
    4. Korean Open, 2004- Bronze / Bronze
    5. Korean Open, 2009- Silver
    6. Korean Open,2010 - 1 Gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze
    7. USA Open, 2011, silver and bronze
    8. USA Open 2012, Gold and silver
  • National Representative teams
    1. 5th World Technical Championships
    2. Malaysian Open
    3. World University Games
  • Victorian Coaching Team member 2001, 2002
  • 1st Class Referee

Competition highlights

  • Runner-Up Australian Black belt middle wt champion.( sparring ) 1984
  • Victorian Middle weight Open Black belt Champion, 1986 ( by TKO)
  • Runner-Up Australian Black Belt Champion ( Traditional Patterns) 2001
  • Victoria Power Breaking Champion. 1994
  • 2004 Masters Pan-Pac Gold Coast 40-45 yrs Black
    1. Individual Patterns Gold
    2. Self-defence Gold
    3. Patterns , Teams Silver
    4. Breaking , Technical Bronze
    5. Breaking , Power Bronze
  • 2001 Australian Championships
    1. Patterns , Individual Melbourne 40-45 yrs Black Silver
    2. Victorian Championships Melbourne 40-45 yrs Black Silver
  • 1994 Victorian Championships
    1. Breaking , Power- Tiles. Melbourne Open Black Gold
  • 1986 Sparring Melbourne Open Black Middle Gold
  • 1984 Sparring Melbourne Open Black Middle Silver
  • 1984 Australians, Sparring Perth Open Black Middle Silver
  • 1983 Australians, Sparring Sydney Open Black L/H Bronze
  • 1978 Australians, Sparring Melbourne Open Red/Heavy Silver
  • 1978 Victorian Sparring Melbourne Open Red/Heavy Gold

Janine Trainor. B.Sc., Dip.Ed

  • 4th Dan Black belt
  • Junior Program Coordinator
  • First Aid trained
  • 15 yrs teaching experience
  • Level 1 National Coaching Accreditation
  • Highest Ranking
    1. Australian Champion, 2005 ( Technical)
    2. Victorian Champion , 2005 ( Technical)
  • Competition Experience
    1. 2005 Australian Championships Hobart 41-50 Black Gold
    2. 2005 Victorian Selection Championships Melbourne 41-50 Black Gold
    3. 2004 Masters Pan-Pac Patterns Gold Coast 40-45 yrs Black Gold
    4. 2004 Victorian Selections Melbourne 40-45 Black Bronze
    5. 2004 Ballarat Regionals Ballarat Black 2nd Dan Bronze