Trainor Taekwondo Academy specialise in the teaching of effective self-defence and winning Olympic Sport Taekwondo competition skills in a responsible, safe class environment. Classes promote respect for personal health and well-being and foster an attitude of personal growth and achievement. Classes are grouped to cater for all ages and levels of fitness.


  • Joeys ( 5 to 8 yrs)
  • Juniors ( 8 to 12 yrs)
  • Advanced Juniors ( Red & Black Belt)
  • Girl Power Taekwondo ( 7 to 12 yrs)

The Trainor Taekwondo Academy Junior skills curriculum follows closely the adult program the focus very much being on skills development and the achievement of a students personal best performance. Classes are graded according to age and grading to ensure classes are safe and fun. Children are also taught a range of "modified' Taekwondo games that emphasise fun, fitness coordination and schoolyard assertiveness. All skills and coaching is designed to enhance the confidence and self-esteem of each student. Janine Trainor; Junior Program Co-ordinator


  • Beginners
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced / Masters
  • Women's Self-defence

The Trainor Taekwondo Academy Black Belt Program is a ten step graded program from beginner (white belt ) to advanced grades ( Black Belt) Students are progressively introduced to a broad range of Taekwondo skills including strikes, blocks, kicks and a wide range of self-defence skills. Separate classes are offered for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced grades. Women's Self-defence classes are periodically conducted. Trainor Taekwondo Academy experiences excellent retention and success by members of which 50 graduated to Black belt in 2010.


  • Olympic Sport Competition Training
  • School Clinics & Corporate Seminars
  • Boxer-cise Fitness and Massage

Members are coached to success at state, national and international level competitions in Olympic Sparring, Patterns and Breaking. In 2010,Trainor Taekwondo Academy members won medals at the Victorian Championships, Australian Championships, Masters Pan Pac Games , Australian Masters Games, the World Taekwondo Festival, South Korea and the 5th World Taekwondo technical Championships. Competition training is offered in separate specialist classes. Principal instructors, Janine and Russell, have considerable experience teaching Taekwondo and self-defence to a broad range of school groups including Primary, Secondary and university students. Class content is negotiated and appropriate to the age and fitness level of class members. Trainor Taekwondo Academy has designed a unique approach to addressing schoolyard bullying incorporating a range of assertiveness and non-violent strategies that enables students to resolve conflict without "injurious" conflict.