• 16 Gregory west st, Ballarat (Full time centre)
  • Janine: 0418 448 111
  • Russell: 0438 448 111

    Trainor Taekwondo Academy since 1983

    Trainor Taekwondo Academy is widely regarded as a leading Taekwondo school nationally setting the standard for professional student centred coaching in Taekwondo and self-defence.


    Classes are grouped to cater for all ages and levels of fitness.

    Training Times

    Our classes are ran in groups six days a week

    Contact Us

    Prospective students are advised to contact us directly.

    Principal Instructors, Janine and Russell Trainor, have combined their passion for sport Taekwondo, self-defence and fitness with their experience as university qualified school teachers, to make available martial arts coaching of the highest standards.

    Teaching Philosophy of Trainor Taekwondo Academy

    Trainor Taekwondo schools specialise in the teaching of effective self-defence and Olympic Sport Taekwondo competition skills in a responsible, safe class environment.


    Trainor Taekwondo Academy provides the highest standard of martial arts skills, with a focus on “defensive’ self-defence  skills, drawn from Taekwondo, Hapkido and Judo. What does “defensive mean”? Defensive self-defence skills focus on techniques chosen to protect without the intentionality to injure the aggressor.

    Trainor Taekwondo Academy provides the highest level of coaching skill, always positive and encouraging, placing the needs of the student as our first priority.

    At Trainor Taekwondo Academy, we pride ourselves at providing a high standard of facilities, offering a new purpose build, fully equipped gymnasium, fully compliant with the current child safe standards.  

    As a member of Trainor Taekwondo Academy, you can:

    • Learn effective self-defence skills in a friendly and supportive classes.
    • Improve your heath and fitness with coaches committed to healthy lifestyle choices.
    • Gain your Black Belt or Junior Black Belt with the Peak International governing body for the sport, the World Taekwondo (WT) and National Taekwondo Association.
    • Be coached by the most experienced and senior Taekwondo masters in this region, including fully qualified University trained teachers.
    • All coaches are minimum Black Belt, Level 1 National Coach Accreditation  
    • Join over 30 classes conducted in fully matted and equipped gym.
    • Join Elite Olympic Sport Competition Squads, to contest inter-club, regional, state, national and international sport Taekwondo competitions including the Olympic Games
    • Separate junior programs promote confidence and address schoolyard bullying.
    • Earn Taekwondo belts fully recognized by the national governing body for the sport, Australia Taekwondo, with over 600 registered clubs nation wide - the largest network of martial arts clubs in Australia.

    Trainor Taekwondo Academy competition members have enjoyed considerable competition success including medals at the 3rd World Junior Taekwondo Championships (bronze) Korean Open, 2003, 2004, 2009, 2010 and 2011and 2012 US Open. Members have also represented Australia at international events including 5th World Technical Championships,World University Games and Malaysian Open. The success of members at state, national and international level has established Trainor Taekwondo Academy as the leading sport Taekwondo / martial arts school in Ballarat and western Victoria.

    Want to know more about Trainor Taekwondo?

    Prospective students are advised to contact either Janine or Russell directly to ensure that you are enrolled into the most suitable class.

    Please refer to our current timetable to view possible class allocations.

    We look forward to introducing you to the challenges and rewards of training at Trainor Taekwondo Academy at our full-time purpose built facility at 16 Gregory west st Lake Gardens.


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