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    Trainor Taekwondo Academy specialises in the teaching of effective self-defence and Taekwondo skills in a responsible, safe class environment. Classes promote respect for personal health and well-being and foster an attitude of personal growth and achievement.

    The Trainor Taekwondo Academy Black Belt Program is a ten step skills based graded program from beginner (White Belt) to advanced (Black Belt). Students are progressively introduced to a broad range of traditional Taekwondo skills including strikes, blocks, kicks and a wide range of self-defence skills. Classes are suitable for beginner, intermediate and advanced grades. We have a strong focus on women's self-defence classes.


    Trainor Taekwondo Academy enjoys excellent retention and success by members with as many as 50 members graduating to Black Belt annually.

    Available to members is a well documented Grading Skills Curriculum Handbook. Members are encouraged to take on their training in Taekwondo as a study and personal goal setting experience. The Core grading skills are also available as a four part DVD series to assist visual learners wanting to practice at home.

    Members are encouraged to embrace traditional Taekwondo etiquette and show respect and control in all partner simulations. Classes are managed to cater for all ages and levels of skill and fitness and most importantly to ensure the maximum level of safety. Classes also incorporate the “core” grading skills for each of the 10 levels to Black Belt and Junior Black Belt.

    Children are also taught a range of modified Taekwondo/avoiding games that emphasise fun, fitness coordination and schoolyard assertiveness. All skills and coaching is designed to enhance the confidence and self-esteem of each student.  

    Children’s Programs

    Joeys (5 to 8 yrs)

    The Joey’s classes are very popular with classes operating 6 days per week. These classes involve children mastering “age appropriate” skills that emphasise schoolyard assertiveness and anti-bullying strategies.

    Trainor Taekwondo Academy has designed a unique approach to addressing schoolyard bullying incorporating a range of assertiveness and non-violent strategies that enables students to resolve conflict without intentional injury.

    Personal fitness and coordination is also a strong focus of our Joeys program. Select games that emphasise our core skills are also introduced.  

    Girlpower Taekwondo

    Our Girlpower class is very popular and offers girls (5 to 12 years) an opportunity to learn Taekwondo and self-defence skills in a girl only class - no boys allowed! A strong focus of this class is on personal health and fitness, self-defence and also the core grading skills to Red Belt level.

    Intermediate Juniors (8 to 12 yrs)

    Our Intermediate Juniors Program introduces “Poomsae” or patterns which are required to be mastered for each Blue Belt gradings. The “patterns” taught at Trainor Taekwondo Academy are those approved by World Taekwondo, the Olympic and governing body for Taekwondo internationally. At Trainor Taekwondo Academy, we pride ourselves at promoting the pursuit of excellent in taekwondo technique. Trainor Taekwondo has been represented at two World Technical Championships, Uzbekistan in 2010 and Mexico in 2014. Intermediate junior classes are also introduced to “sparring exercise” which includes introductory competition sparring skills practiced in a controlled tough contact context. Full protective gear including body shield, leg, arm and head guards are used in practice sparring exercises to ensure maximum safety. Intermediate self-defence skills at this level focuses on the use of combinations of skills previously taught against progressively more advanced real life self-defence scenarios.

    Advanced Juniors (Red & Black Belt)

    The Advanced Junior Red and Black Belt classes focus on the development of sparring skills with an increase level of contact and practice sparring opportunities. More advanced self-defence skills include defence against weapons attack, multiple attackers and board breaking-all skills required in preparation for the Black Belt test.


    Advanced / Masters
    Women's Self-defence
    Trainor Taekwondo Academy adult (13 years and older) is a mixed ability program for beginners, intermediate and advanced students. All senior classes have at least two coaches to support the range of abilities. Generally classes at the beginning of the term will focus on fitness and sparring exercise, while patterns and self-defence will be the term end focus.

    Many senior members joining our senior classes work in “at risk” occupations including police, prison guards and medical professionals. A strong focus in our senior classes is on avoiding and the use of open handed responses to aggressive workplace situations.

    Our fully equipped gymnasium includes falling mats to enable our members to master a broad range of trips, throws and falling skills. Our fun, safe and challenging programs will enhance your physical and mental wellbeing. Bring a friend along to practice with.

    Specialist Programs

    Competition Sparring Class

    Our sparring class enables members to further develop their sparring skills beyond their regular classes. Each class gives members the opportunity to participate in controlled contact sparring matches leading to improved confidence and resilience.

    School Clinics

    Trainor Taekwondo Academy has over 35 years experience teaching school groups at primary, secondary and university level and can modify programs to focus on specific skills and age levels. We would love to introduce your school aged children to the many benefits of taekwondo training, incorporating traditional values including Taekwondo etiquette, commitment to healthy lifestyle choices and non-violent conflict resolution strategies. We have been teaching self-defence in select Ballarat schools for the past decade.

    Corporate Seminars

    Trainor Taekwondo Academy has considerable experience teaching corporate sessions with a focus on avoidance, self-preservation and harm minimisation.

    Trainor Taekwondo Academy has regularly coaching commitments to staff working in “at risk” vocations including – but not restricted to, nursing and paramedics.  

    Fitness Assessment by Qualified Exercise Scientists / Rehabilitation

    We are now offering Personal Fitness Training- private sessions.

    Patrick has completed a Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science and is continuing his studies in Clinical Exercise Physiology. (Masters)

    Pat can offer a range of services as an Exercise Scientist including:
    • Personalised fitness programs
    • Strength & Conditioning for athlete development
    • 1-on-1 sessions to track your fitness goals
    • An in-depth understanding of the fitness requirements for a Taekwondo athlete
    Please contact Mr Trainor to book Patrick in for a Fitness Assessment the first instance.

    Private lessons

    Trainor Taekwondo Academy also provides individually designed private lessons for members wishing to accelerate their skill acquisition. We also provide private sessions for children who have been the victim of bullying or assault. We also provide private session to adults who have been threatened and or assaulted. Please contact Mr Trainor in the first instance.

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